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Weltec Group changes ownership

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Erich Stallkamp sells its interest in the biogas plant manufacturing company.

REW Staff February 17, 2014

Weltec has announced that Erich Stallkamp, which is based in Vechta, Germany has sold its interest in the company. With the departure, WEDA, a manufacturer and operator of biogas plants based in Lutten, Germany, controls 100 percent of the group.

Despite selling its stake, Erich Stallkamp ESTA GmbH, based in Dinklage, Germany, will continue to supply Weltec with components such as stainless steel digesters, stainless steel storage tanks, pumping, stirring and separation technologies.

Weltec, which  is celebrating its 13th anniversary, says it is one of the pioneers of biogas plant construction. Based on the modern approach of experienced engineers, Weltec, with a staff of 80, offers complete biogas plants from one source and has developed to become a major manufacturer of biogas plants throughout the world.

As the hydrogen sulfide and ammonia compounds contained in biogas corrode unprotected parts, Weltec builds the digesters from stainless steel, which it says ensures a longer lifespan for the plant.



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