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Sierra Energy develops gasification calculator

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Tool designed to give custom economic projections for implementing FastOx gasification.

REW Staff August 18, 2014
gasification calculator tool economicSierra Energy, Davis, California, says it has spent several months developing a Calculator Tool to quickly give custom economic projections and end-product comparisons for implementing the company’s FastOx gasification for renewable projects.

The calculator is available at www.sierraenergycorp.com/calc.cfm. Visitors to the site can fill in specific project parameters and receive immediate results, while having a PDF of associated cost breakdowns emailed to them also is an available option.

Sierra Energy says it strives to make waste gasification universally accessible through transparency and flexibility. More information about the engineering services Sierra Energy provides or those interested in securing a license to use FastOx gasification can send an email to rmitchell@sierraenergycorp.com or visit www.sierraenergycorp.com.



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