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PEAT Commissions Plasma Thermal Waste-to-Energy System in China

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System is designed for medical waste and refinery sludge.

REW Staff November 13, 2013

PEAT International Inc.,, Northbrook, Ill., a developer of plasma-thermal waste destruction systems, has successfully commissioned a Plasma Thermal Destruction and Recovery (PTDR) system in Shanghai, China. The 132 pound (60 kilogram) per hour system - designed for medical waste and oil refinery sludge - was installed for Abada Plasma Technology Holdings Ltd. - an Asia-based renewable energy project developer.

PEAT's PTDR single stage plasma-thermal process transforms hazardous waste through molecular dissociation at 2,732 degrees Fahrenheit (1,500 degrees Celsius) into recoverable, nontoxic end-products, synthetic gas and heat (sources for energy recovery), metals and a vitrified glass matrix. Emissions are below the most stringent environmental standards used anywhere, according to the company.

"This is end-stage technology. Only with plasma can you achieve temperatures high enough for waste destruction in a single-staged process," says Joseph Rosin, PEAT International chairman. "It's a 21st century solution that addresses three important needs: significant volume reduction, full pollution control and competitive pricing. We are currently preparing for other projects already under contract."

More information about PEAT and its PTDR systems are available at www.peat.com.


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