Step by Step

  • October 1, 2013
  • Curt Harler

Pyrolysis is one of the common strategies for converting plastics to fuel. The essential steps in the pyrolysis of plastics, outlined by Jesse Klinkhamer of Klean Industries, involve:

  1. Purging - oxygen from pyrolysis chamber,
  2. Evenly - heating the plastic to a narrow temperature range without excessive temperature variations
  3. Pyrolising - the plastics
  4. Catalytic conversion - of the gases to specific carbon chain lengths
  5. Managing - the carbonaceous char by-product before it acts as a thermal insulator and lowers the heat transfer to the plastic
  6. Careful - condensation and fractionation of the pyrolysis vapors to produce fuels of excellent quality and consistency
  7. Removal - of sulfurs and residual contaminants


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