Step by Step

October 1, 2013
Curt Harler

Pyrolysis is one of the common strategies for converting plastics to fuel. The essential steps in the pyrolysis of plastics, outlined by Jesse Klinkhamer of Klean Industries, involve:

  1. Purging - oxygen from pyrolysis chamber,
  2. Evenly - heating the plastic to a narrow temperature range without excessive temperature variations
  3. Pyrolising - the plastics
  4. Catalytic conversion - of the gases to specific carbon chain lengths
  5. Managing - the carbonaceous char by-product before it acts as a thermal insulator and lowers the heat transfer to the plastic
  6. Careful - condensation and fractionation of the pyrolysis vapors to produce fuels of excellent quality and consistency
  7. Removal - of sulfurs and residual contaminants


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