Cleveland Airport Implements Cooking Oil Recycling Program

Grease collected from concessions will be recycled into biofuel and other products.

August 3, 2012
REW Staff

Airport concession developer AIRMALL USA, operator of the AIRMALL at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE), has partnered with Bradford Airport Logistics to implement a solution for recycling waste cooking oil from tenants in the airport's concession program.

Through the program, Bradford worked with the AIRMALL to install a system of customized retrieval carts that collect the waste cooking oil from the fryers of airport concessionaires at the airport, which is recycled into products such as animal feed, soap, or B-100 biofuel for vehicles.

"AIRMALL has always been at the forefront of adopting innovative ideas and technologies for the airport concessions industry," says Tina LaForte, vice president of AIRMALL Cleveland. "Working with Bradford Airport Logistics to implement the new grease recycling program at CLE is another example of how the AIRMALL strives to be a leader in airport concessions operations."

In addition to the numerous environmental benefits, Bradford's waste oil retrieval system helps eliminate worker safety concerns related to potential spills and leaks caused during the transport and storage of waste cooking oils, the company says.

"We're delighted to see an innovative and environmentally friendly solution like the grease collection system become a part of our concessions operations," said Airport Director Ricky Smith. "This is an example of how an otherwise time consuming and cumbersome process can be turned into a practical solution that benefits both the environment and our concessions program."

AIRMALL at CLE features 57 distinct units.