Green Energy Renewable Solutions Reorganizes

Company changes name to Cirque Energy, approves new board members.

September 6, 2013
REW Staff

Green Energy Renewable Solutions Inc. has completed several steps in its reorganization as Cirque Energy Inc., both based in Detroit. Cirque is a sustainable energy development company focused on waste stream optimization and distributed power generation projects. Cirque uses waste conversion and recycling technologies to reduce waste volume entering landfills and produce renewable energy at attractive margins.

On Aug. 15, 2013, Green Energy Renewable Solutions Inc. filed several amendments to its Articles of Incorporation with the Florida Secretary of State, Division of Corporations. The amendments effectively changed the company’s name to Cirque Energy Inc. Additionally, the company has approved the following as members of Cirque’s board of directors:

  • Thomas Coté, director—Coté most recently has been involved in developing several energy projects including ethanol, biomass, waste to energy and agricultural products to energy. His role at Cirque Energy includes establishing and guiding overall business strategy, providing the vision and purpose to advance the company’s mission and objectives, business development, project planning and execution, customer relations and program management support.
  • Roger Silverthorn, CFO—Silverthorn has more than 30 years of experience in the renewable energy business and power plant owner and operator of eight solid fuel biomass power plants. He led the development of a vertically integrated fuel system in appropriate jurisdictions.
  • Richard Fosgitt, vice president - technology and engineering—Fosgitt is a professional engineer with over 20 years of experience in the industrial, energy and development sectors. Most recently, he was involved in developing several energy projects including biomass, waste to energy, agricultural products to energy and wind energy. His design experience on engineering projects of all sizes and with multiple energy systems allows him to assess customer demands and develop the optimum system to meet those needs within the required economic parameters. Fosgitt’s expertise also includes site assessment, due diligence, environmental permitting, and engineering approvals.

Additionally, the company authorized an increase in its capital stock to 300 million shares of common stock, and 20,000,000 shares of preferred stock. Green Energy intends to apply for a new trading symbol, and the company will continue to trade under its current symbol, EWRL, until a new trading symbol is assigned.

Joseph DuRant, Cirque Energy’s CEO, says, “Since the merger of Green Energy and Cirque Energy was announced in May, we have been working diligently to integrate all aspects of our respective organizations as quickly as possible. Completion of these final steps in the implementation of our merger allows Cirque Energy to move forward and establish a clear identity and strong presence in the waste-to-energy industry, with an appropriate capitalization to support our anticipated growth and take advantage of attractive business development opportunities.”

The company primarily uses a codevelopment business model to collaborate with clients to develop solutions for long-term energy needs