Clean World Partners, Atlas Disposal Break Ground on Large AD System

Facility will include renewable natural gas fueling station.

June 19, 2012
REW Staff

Clean World Partners and Atlas Disposal Industries have jointly announced the groundbreaking of what the two companies’ say is the nation’s largest commercial-scale, anaerobic digestion (AD) system in Sacramento, Calif. As part of the project, the facility will include California’s first AD-based renewable natural gas fueling station.

When the AD system is complete, Clean World Partners’ Organic Waste Recycling Center at its South Area Transfer Station will convert 25 tons of food waste per day collected by Atlas Disposal into renewable natural gas.

The companies add that in 2013 the facility will be expanded to process 100 tons of food waste per day, making it the largest commercial-scale, high solids AD system in the United States.

When complete, the Organic Waste Recycling Center is expected to replace 1 million gallons of diesel per year with renewable natural gas and produce 2 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year.

Atlas’ Renewable Natural Gas Fueling Station will use the natural gas produced by the digestion system to fuel its clean-fuel fleet, as well as vehicles from area jurisdictions and agencies.

Clean World’s Organic Waste Recycling Center is based on technology developed at the University of California Davis to convert food waste, agricultural residue and other organic waste into renewable energy, fertilizer and soil enhancements. When the facility is complete, Clean World’s South Area Transfer Station system will divert nearly 37,000 tons of waste per year from landfills.

“Our development of this facility makes clear the viability of this technology,” says Michele Wong, CEO of Clean World Partners. “Our systems are adaptable to a wide range of situations, and we can get them up and running quickly. We’re especially excited with this center about the use of renewable natural gas as vehicle fuel.”

The project’s first phase is expected to be completed this summer.

“We’re proud of our involvement in developing these cutting-edge facilities,” says Dave Sikich, CEO of Atlas Disposal. “By using renewable natural gas to fuel more vehicles, we’re helping to improve our region’s air quality.”

In April 2012, Clean World Partners and American River Packaging opened the nation’s first commercial high-solid AD system at American River Packaging’s Sacramento facility.