Durham Energy Recovery joins Canadian plastics association

Alberta-based company specializes in converting plastic scrap into diesel fuel.

April 11, 2014
REW Staff

Durham Energy Recovery Inc., based in Airdrie, Alberta, has joined the Alberta Plastics Recycling Association (APRA) as its newest member. Durham is building a facility to convert scrap plastics into diesel fuel.

The plant, proposed to be built and operating by the spring of 2015, will take plastic, collected from municipalities and farm operations, among other sources and through a process called thermal degradation will convert the plastics into three products: diesel fuel, hydrocarbon gas and carbon black.

Transportation quality diesel fuel is expected to be 65 percent of the byproduct of the process, while hydrocarbon gas will be used to fuel the plant and carbon black can be sold to road construction companies, tire and rubber pipe manufacturers. It also has a high Btu value and could be used as a fuel source for industrial heaters or cement kilns, according to the company.

“By using the hydrocarbon gas to fuel the plant, after the initial heating phase it will be a self-sustaining plant,” says Peter Brown, president of Durham Energy. “It is environmentally friendly because it operates in an oxygen deprived environment so no combustion is used in the process, and there are no harmful emissions.

Economically, there is a demand for all the byproducts which will be sold right here in Alberta.”
The company says it is presently is forming five-year agreements with municipalities to take in plastics.
The plant will occupy five acres and will be able to convert up to 20,000 metric tons of plastic into about 20 to 26 million liters of diesel a year, Durham Energy says.