GDT Tek to Provide Technology to Green USA Recycling

Renewable energy company’s Phoenix units will recover heat at electric generation facilities.

January 7, 2013
REW Staff

GDT Tek Inc., a Largo, Fla.-based company focused on renewable and sustainable energy technologies, has submitted a proposal to include its Phoenix unit with Green USA Recycling Corp.’s (GUSAR) ( Midwest Utility request for proposal (RFP). GDT’s Phoenix unit is a licensed, patented waste-heat-to-electric power generation technology.

GUSAR is a Westfield, Ind.-based zero-landfill recycler focused on single-stream waste recycling technologies and waste-to-energy technologies. The company manufactures RDF pellets for electric utilities. GDT Tek will provide Phoenix units at GUSAR’s electric generation facilities recovering heat from the operations supplying electricity to the power grid.

Bo Linton, president of GDT Tek, says, "This is a huge step forward for GDT Tek to be included in a utility RFP. This opportunity could really put GDT Tek on the map and open even more opportunities for us with Green USA Recycling."

Don Willis, president of GUSAR, states, "This will continue our plan of expanding involvement with GDT Tek. It’s important to our plans to increase our presence in, and market share of the waste-to-energy industry."