Green EnviroTech receives patent pending status

Permit to construct plant in California is approved.

January 9, 2014
REW Staff

Green EnviroTech Holdings Corp. (GETH), Oakdale, Calif., says it has received confirmation from the U.S. Patent Office that its GETH technology qualifies under the status of “patent pending.”

The patent retains an 18-month nondisclosure period, meaning the patent’s content will not be made public during that timeframe. The company's technology extracts crude oil from scrap tires and plastic scrap.

“The patent pending status was the final step in our preparation to commence manufacturing,” says Lou Perches, chief operating officer of GETH. “With the rapid advancement in pyrolysis technology, we are clearly a leader in a highly profitable conversion technology industry.”

Adds Gary De Laurentiis, CEO of GETH, “The U.S. Patent Office confirmation solidifies GETH as the first to go to market with this unique conversion technology. As evidenced by the oil purchase contract from ConocoPhillips through our strategic partner Ebbros Energy LLC, GETH oil has been proficiently validated. The utility patent secures our intellectual property and confirms to our shareholders that we continue to execute on our business plan.”

De Laurentiis continues, “In addition to receiving our utility patent-pending status, the company received notification from a State of California Regional Air Board that the permit to construct the first conversion plant in California was approved. These two substantial events enable GETH to showcase the technology and demonstrate that the company can produce and deliver oil as per our contract. GETH is in the final stages to implement our technology.”