Green EnviroTech Holdings signs agreement with Asian consulting firm

Tepia Corp. Japan Co. Ltd. will help identify partners and investors in waste conversion technology.

July 23, 2014
REW Staff

Waste conversion technology company Green EnviroTech Holdings Corp. (GETH), Oakdale, California, announced it has signed a definitive agreement with the Asian consulting firm Tepia Corp. Japan Co. Ltd., through an introduction from Seattle based investment bank Coast Northwest Management LLC.

Gary De Laurentiis, GETH CEO says, "We are very pleased to announce the new partnerships with Tepia. We have been working with Coast for over a year now and they have been working diligently to introduce GETH to their contacts around the globe. The introduction to Tepia has been the most successful to date and we are discussing marketing our technology to several other entities in Asia."

The agreement states that Tepia will identify potential investors, stakeholders or financial partners who are interested in building GETH plants and identifying potential needs for GETH oil conversion technology application in the Asian market and in conducting sales activities to appropriate and concerned stakeholders and plant operators.

Al Stone, Executive Director of Coast Northwest Management says, "We believe that the business relationship with Tepia will effectively open up an enormous market for GETH technology applications in Asia. Countries such as China are now pressing forward to resolve their environmental challenges including waste recycling, alternative energy and air quality improvement, solutions. All of which are well suited to GETH's technology coupled with its revenue and profitable business model."

The agreements will be assigned to Black Lion Oil Limited, based in Ireland, the owner of the non-U.S. rights for the Green EnviroTech plastic/tire to oil technology.