JV to Focus on Pyrolysis

Global Clean Energy, MicroEnergies to develop pyrolysis projects and technologies.

January 24, 2013
REW Staff

Global Clean Energy Inc. (GCEI), Humble, Texas, and MicroEnergies LLC, Las Vegas, have formed a joint venture (JV) to develop pyrolysis projects using technologies and feedstock agreements acquired by MicroEnergies. Additionally, MicroEnergies will oversee current and future projects in the development division of GCEI.

According to GCEI, the objective of the JV is to develop profitable waste-to-energy projects using pyrolysis gasification to deconstruct plastic scrap and scrap tires into high value carbon and fuel in an environmentally safe process.

“This joint venture with GCEI permits MicroEnergies LLC to start pyrolysis operations in 2013,” says Steven Mann, president of MicroEnergies.

“We are excited to be teaming up with MicroEnergies, LLC, which will enable GCEI to capitalize on its pipeline of projects and those of MicroEnergies LLC,” says Brian Levine, chief operating officer of GCEI.

GCEI describes itself as a waste-to-energy conversion solutions company that focuses on using available technologies and developing new ones to convert waste into commercially viable energy.

MicroEnergies describes itself as an alternative-energy development company specializing in “proven state-of-the-art gasification and plasma technologies to create waste-to-energy developments that safely and efficiently eliminate hazardous waste into usable, high value products in an environmentally friendly manner.”