SCS Engineers to build scrubber at Idaho landfill

Project worth $3.2 million will help increase renewable gas generation for Ada County.

April 1, 2014
REW Staff
Environmental consulting firm SCS Engineers, Long Beach, Calif., has been selected by Ada County, Idaho, to design and build a $3.2 million hydrogen sulfide gas scrubber at the county-owned landfill. The scrubber will extract hydrogen sulfide from the landfill gas, diminishing odors and fugitive emissions and resulting in more gas available to generate renewable energy resources.
SCS says the capture of additional renewable energy biogas will increase revenue for the landfill, helping to offset the cost of the scrubber system. Plus, removal of hydrogen sulfide not only increases available resources, it decreases sulfur dioxide emissions, a benefit for residents near the landfill.
“SCS’s experience and expertise with solid waste and landfill gas control made them an obvious choice for this project,” says Dave Logan, Ada County operations department director. “Their work will greatly reduce odors for residents while powering sustainable energy initiatives in the county.”
SCS Vice President and Project Director Eric Peterson, will manage the engineering, and Vice President and Regional Construction Manager Rich Dart will manage the construction of the project, with an expected completion date of November 2014.