WTE Revival Continues Worldwide

Study finds some 180 waste-to-energy plants are approved or under construction around the world.

November 4, 2013
REW Staff

A report by Dublin, Ireland-based Research and Markets says that by 2017, as many as 180 new waste-to-energy (WTE) plants will be constructed around the world with a capacity of around 52 million annual tons.

The report, titled “Waste to Energy (Analyst version) - The World Market for Waste Incineration Plants 2013/2014,” says these 180 new facilities will join the nearly 2,200 existing WTE plants globally. The existing plants have a disposal capacity of about 255 million tons of waste per year, according to Research and Markets.

The complete Waste to Energy 2013/2014 report “shows how WTE works, how to plan a WTE project and describes market shares and players among operators and plant manufacturers,” says Research and Markets. It analyzes established markets in Germany and Scandinavia as well as growing markets in China, Great Britain and Poland.

The complete version of the Waste to Energy 2013/2014 study includes:

  • analysis of pros and cons, technology and costs of waste incineration, including political, economic, managerial and technical trends;
  • a description of the current and future market volumes by countries, up to and including 2017;
  • a project list with new construction, extension and renewal projects, of which more than 100 are under construction, almost 62 have been approved and over 210 are being planned; and
  • an analysis and description of global WTE plant operators and plant manufacturers, including market shares.

More information is available at www.researchandmarkets.com.