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Food Waste Conference Slated for November

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Charlotte event will focus on composting and organics recycling.

REW Staff May 10, 2012

The Carolina Recycling Association (CRA) will host The Southeast Food Waste Reduction Conference, Nov. 12-13 at Hilton University Place in Charlotte, N.C. The is a professional symposium designed for attendees in both the public and private sector working in the fields of composting and organics recycling, according to the association.

During the conference, conference organizers say that attendees will gain new insights to create successful food waste diversion programs in both residential and commercial settings. The conference will explore a diverse array of organics recycling topics, including source reduction, separation and collection, composting technologies, regulation and legislation and commercial composting strategies.  

The Southeast Food Waste Reduction Conference is intended for commercial and institutional food waste generators (e.g. restaurants, cafeterias, universities, etc), composting professionals, legislators and policymakers, recycling coordinators and utility directors, purchasing agents and facility managers, collection contractors and landfill operators, energy recovery and recycling contractors, growers, processors, distributors and retailers.

The Call for Papers is open. The CRA will accept proposals through May 31. More information is available at www.cra-recycle.org/foodwasteconference.



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