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InSinkerator Introduces Grind2Energy System for Food Waste

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System converts food waste into slurry and stores it in a holding tank for anaerobic digestion.

Recycling Today Staff October 31, 2013

The food waste disposal company, InSinkerator, an Emerson company, has introduced a new system it calls Grind2Energy™. According to the St. Louis-based company, with the Grind2Energy organics recycling system, food waste is diverted from landfills and converted into renewable energy, while reducing emissions, odors, pests and labor issues. Three steps involved in the system are as follows:

1. Grind2Energy grinds food waste quickly and efficiently. The resulting slurry goes into a holding tank.

2. A liquid waste hauler transports the slurry to a local anaerobic digestion (AD) facility.

3. The AD facility transforms the food slurry by capturing the methane released and converting it into renewable energy, while the remaining nutrient-rich organic material can be used as a beneficial natural fertilizer.

InSinkerator says Grind2Energy
•    Improves sanitation;
•    Reduces odor and pest problems;
•    Reduces labor-intensive hauling of heavy waste bins;
•    Reduces trash pickups and disposal costs; and
•    Reduces use of fossil fuels from trash pickups, landfill methane emissions.

More information is available at www.InSinkErator.com/Grind2Energy.com or by clicking on the video below.



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