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U.S. Energy Initiatives Receives Biofuel Patent

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Fuel designed for automotive, aviation and stationary electrical power stations.

REW Staff July 2, 2013
Volkswagen that received more than 56.8 miles per gallon running off the fuel.

U.S. Energy Initiatives Corp. (USEI), based in Santa Clarita, Calif., has received a patent assignment for a biofuel patent entitled Green Recycled Derived Biofuel (RDBF). The fuel was designed for automotive, aviation and stationary electrical power applications. According to U.S. Energy, the fuel has been extensively tested by a university laboratory.

Anthony Miller, CEO of U.S. Energy, says, “This is a game-changing event for USEI because we now have a proprietary product that, once fully commercialized, affords significant options. We can market the fuel or we can license it to a significantly larger firm for royalties. This fuel was developed and patented by our chief technology officer Harrison McCoy III. This is one of the reason we joined forces again; to commercialize this patent and to produce biodiesel profitably. McCoy’s patent is a biodiesel and ethanol product all made from waste or recycled products. In the coming weeks more exciting revelations will be unveiled about this patented product”.

McCoy adds that the biodiesel patent involves a combination of recycled waste products from such industries as fast food restaurants and food processing operations. “These recycled waste products are repurposed to a biofuel such as biodiesel. The ethanol is taken from non-editable recycled waste from companies like Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, wineries and all sugar outdated products. These products are distilled to produce a recycled repurposed ethanol. The two finish products are blended in different percentages,” McCoy adds.

To view the patent, click here http://www.usenergyinit.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/US20030126790.pdf


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